Edward Glover

Author, diplomat.

“A passion for history, a career in diplomacy and a love of classical music
– a perfect blend that’s inspired me to write.”

About the Author

Edward Glover is a historical novelist and author of The Herzberg TrilogyThe Executioner’s HouseThe Lute Player and most recently Dark Obsession.

Edward Glover CMG MVO was born in London. After gaining a history degree followed by an MPhil at Birkbeck College, London University, he embarked on a career in the British diplomatic service, during which his overseas postings included Washington DC, Berlin, Brussels and the Caribbean.

With a life-long interest in 16th- and 18th-century history, baroque music and 18th-century art, Edward was encouraged by the purchase in Berlin of two paintings and a 19th century British passport to try his hand at writing historical fiction.

When he isn’t writing or busy in the Foreign Office, Edward likes walking, playing tennis and gardening.


Left: Ludwig the Ninth of Hesse Darmstadt who features in children’s story – The King Who Ate My Breakfast.

Right: Frederick the Great who features in the first two books in The Herzberg trilogy.

“I find writing the first words of a story akin to unlocking a secret door. You never quite know where the characters you discover will take you. The process is compelling.”

– Edward Glover

Edward’s Books

Six books spanning the history of 18th Century Europe, Beethoven and Mozart to post-1945 Berlin, as well as two children’s stories.

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Agnes’s Secret Friend

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In my second children’s story – The Night Agnes Florence Emily Danced Before the Emperor – the principal character is of course Agnes, always looking for peace and quiet in a noisy world. The other notable character – her secret and very special friend – is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose music lulls her to sleep…