Edward Glover’s new novel, Dark Obsession
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Edward writes in a style that is authentic and inviting. The plots are thrilling, and one will find it irresistible to finish the book in one go. Dark Obsession is a testament to Edward’s brilliant creative writing.

Obsession: an idea or thought continually preoccupying or intruding upon a person’s mind.

There are harmless obsessions, yet for some the grip of an obsession can become so intense it renders the obsessive unable to break free from its thrall.

In Edward Glover’s latest novel, Dark Obsession, a man of status in late 19th Parisian high society becomes obsessed with a beautiful young woman he sees from afar one afternoon. He sets out not only to establish who she is but to seduce her – to acquire her – whatever the cost. Fuelled by unparalleled arrogance and limitless wealth, his relentless pursuit of his prey plays out in a human drama, drawing others – each with their own desires, weaknesses and obsessions – into a dangerous all-consuming vortex.

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