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The King Who Ate My Breakfast

“The half-term holiday is looming, and 10-year-old Louis will be staying with his grandparents in their big old house in the country. He loves visiting his grandparents, and he especially enjoys the lavish breakfasts that are always on offer.

“However, there is one thing playing on Louis’s mind. He has to write a story for his English homework, and try as he might, Louis can’t think of a single idea. He just doesn’t know where to start.

“Luckily for Louis, life can be full of surprises, and from time to time, the extraordinary happens. Just when you least expect it, something completely unimaginable could provide all the inspiration you need!”

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[Announcement] The King Who Ate My Breakfast

After writing six novels in six years and already with an idea for a seventh, it never crossed my mind to write a children’s story. But after a chance remark by my daughter, I decided to take a ‘time out’ and have a go. We’ve all heard young children being urged by tedious adults to…