Blue Falcon Publishing released my third children’s story -The Five Adventures of Romilly Esmeralda

Blue Falcon Publishing released on Friday 24 May my third children’s book –
The Five Adventures of Romilly Esmeralda – written for the age group 7-9.

My first children’s book – The King Who Ate My Breakfast – was released by
Blue Falcon in 2021, followed a year later by The Night Agnes Florence Emily
Danced Before The Emperor, a story written primarily with children on the
autism spectrum in mind. This new tale is about fears and apprehensions which some children and indeed some adults prefer not to encounter or

Nine-year-old Romilly Esmeralda is no exception. Sensible in so many ways,
she cannot abide her feet leaving the ground. Swings, tightropes and
zipwires are not for her. Then one day out of the blue on her way home from
school something extraordinary happens, leading to five breathtaking
adventures with a life-changing outcome, courtesy of a uniquely special