Character profiles: Unorthodox backgrounds

The penultimate character profile from A Motif of Seasons contrasts a man of enterprise whose character is undermined by greed and disloyalty with a young man from a similar unorthodox background but who does not succumb to the same petty human weakness.

Ernst Kiefer

Kiefer is a devious fixer, chancer and thug who allows his principles, loyalty and honour to become misplaced by flawed ambition and the pursuit of money. Beneath a surface of self-confident malice lies a weak and insecure man in search of respect and redemption.

Florian Whitfield

Florian, the grandson of Robert Whitfield, is a young Royal Flying Corps pilot, tested in battle on the Western Front in the Great War. Within a hard shell formed during his unusual childhood – shared between his Bohemian life-style parents in London and the more formal family structure of Meltwater in Norfolk – he is a man of great gentleness and sensitivity.

A Motif of Seasons is published in paperback and ebook edition on 18 November 2016. You can pre-order the book here.