Character profiles: The good and dark side of human nature

Continuing the series of posts introducing new readers to some of the key characters in A Motif of Seasons, here are the second pairing. Charles Hardinge and Robert Whitfield typify the contrast between the good and dark sides of human nature and the damage the latter can cause.

Charles Hardinge

Victoria Elise’s English husband, he is an admired barrister – fair minded, wise and clever – with a shrewd ability to observe events, people and their motives and to hide his feelings and inner thoughts. He is the perfect foil to his mercurial wife.

Robert Whitfield

An only child, he is the patriarch of the family’s large estate – Meltwater – in Norfolk and rich investments in London. He is vain, manipulative, secretive and unprincipled. Yet beneath his overarching ambition and palpable self-confidence, he is weak – a coward driven by fierce inner demons of envy and greed.

But again, the question is: which would you rather be?

A Motif of Seasons is published in paperback and ebook edition on 18 November 2016. You can pre-order the book here.