Character profiles: Discretion and secretive vs. open and rebellious

The final character profile from A Motif of Seasons compares two people, one with a strong sense of discretion, who hides their feelings and keeps secrets, and another with a strong and emotional openness and the rebelliousness of a new generation forged in war.

Count Frederick Paul von Deppe

Frederick is Count Joseph von Deppe’s younger brother, and is a courtier at the Royal Palace. He is discreet, enigmatic and hides a deep secret.

Countess Arabella Elisabeth von Eisenwald

Arabella, not yet in her 20s, is beautiful, precocious and rebellious. A gifted singer, a lover of Shakespeare and English poetry and isolated in conflict-torn Germany she seeks sexual pleasure, only to fall deeply in love in the midst of the tragedy of war.

Tomorrow, on the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Battle of the Somme, A Motif of Seasons will be published. I hope these character profiles have given you an insight into the lives and loves of the key actors in the book. If you’re keen to read more, you can buy the book here from tomorrow.