Character profiles: A mother’s blindness

Today’s character profile from A Motif of Seasons features another mother and daughter: a woman, full of suppressed rage and unfulfilled revenge, who fails to see that her daughter, despite her contrasting happiness and success, is just as vulnerable and insecure.

Rebecca Bartlett

Rebecca is a young English governess to Count Joseph and Countess Beatrice’s children. Betrayed early in her life, she seeks not only the warmth of true and loyal companionship but also to assuage her deep bitterness towards her betrayer. Despite achieving security her heart is forever stricken.

Alice Bartlett

Alice is Rebecca’s daughter. Beneath her lustrous veneer of femininity, sexual allure and flirtatiousness which men find irresistible is concealed an earthy young woman whose instinct for survival is shaped by an east London childhood. She becomes an integral strand in the von Deppe family fabric and an accomplished pianist. But while she is outwardly bold she remains within deeply insecure and vulnerable.

A Motif of Seasons is published in paperback and ebook edition on 18 November 2016. You can pre-order the book here.